About Erin O’Quinn

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I started this blog in 2013. And then life got in the way. The articles listed to the right as “pages” are backlists by now, mid-May of 2018. The content is still valid, still available for your enjoyment, part of this blog’s permanent archives. I’ll have a wave of new posts for you starting June 16, 2018, featuring some eye-popping new gay lit by talented authors I know.

Can you tell by the (rutting) deer imagery that I hail from Nevada? And yet I chose an Irish name. Go figure. It’s a long story.

Using the pen name Erin O’Quinn, I have written 35 titles. I have published (or in some cases, re-pubbed) all of them on my own New Dawn Press; and all but a few of them are M/M novels/novellas. I have also designed the covers for all but the first two “Nevada Highlander” novels.

Here’s a  handy guide to the gay titles:

bang correx 2

Erin O’Quinn’s author pages:

Kindle US http://amzn.to/1w8PVgI  

Kindle UK http://amzn.to/24BcIcj  

*Queer Romance Ink http://bit.ly/2mnG1hL (links, reviews, etc.)

Sea to Sky http://bit.ly/2lJ72bd (epub or pdf links, excerpts)

Smashwords http://bit.ly/1s3cf1q (epub)

*QRI is the best because everything is there at a click. You just have to wait a few moments for the data to kick in!

My main “MM” blog, the step-daddy of the present one, is The Man in Romance, going strong since 2013 or so.


One of my newest blogs (redesigned from the basement up) is Gaslight M/Mysteries, based on the series starring two roaring twenties PIs in a fantasy city in 1923-1924 Ireland. You’ll find it here:


And you’re currently looking at a blog that’s a stepchild of The Man in Romance, designed to spotlight authors of gay lit. In that sense, you are right here…Ac´cent Gay Lit Authors:


There are more, but OMG that’s enough for today. (One for M/F and YA stuff, and one for flash fic/poetry/musings). I  have a self-diagnosed conditition called “restless brain syndrome.”

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