A tight-knit mystery romance

When I wrote the three “Aidan Undercover” novellas, I found that they became so intertwined that they were actually one long novel. They tell the story of something that (might have) happened virtually under the skirts of Her Majesty the Queen in 2014.

So…voilà. I present Aidan Undercover: The Box Set.

This latest title weaves together three shorter pieces, tightening the warp and weft into one tartan. The best part is, this box set saves 46% to the buyer who wants to try all three.

Here’s the story of Aidan, the rookie dick, reprinted from the Introduction:


au-the box set cover copyWith the Queen due for her annual visit to Balmoral Castle, Constable Aidan Williamson has been transformed overnight into an undercover detective for Police Scotland. He’s managed to emerge from his first case (Where There’s Smoke) with only a bullet wound and a few other scars no one can see. He’s also become deeply attracted to Kenneth Logan, an enigmatic hermit who chooses a stone tent and hard floor over a comfy flat with a soft bed.


His second case (Deep Fury) takes him once more to a property owned by Her Majesty—but this time another monarch takes top billing. A very old secret hidden by Queen Victoria has become a cause for murder. At her famous Widow’s House on a lake in the Highlands…and in his own private life with a hot Scot named Logan…there’s a smoldering deep fury at work, and Aidan’s determined to get to the bottom of it.


In Spilled Passion, a hidden crime has been uncovered in the same place the royal party is set to visit soon. Aidan, rookie dick, is struggling to confront his demons—and his angels too. Who’s the killer? A pillar of the local church…a couple of horny adolescents…a protective kinsman of the dead man’s wife…or the sweet widow herself? This time around, the edges are blurred more than ever in a mystery and a buried secret that spill all the way into romance.

If you’d like to get a feeling for the set, click on the site QueerRomanceInk to read an excerpt, get links, and see reviews of the novellas, here: https://www.queeromanceink.com/book/aidan-undercover-the-box-set/

Or if you’d like a taste of the romance—at $4.99 almost half off the original price—here’s a brief excerpt from the third novella, Spilled Passion:

icarus 3 copy

Aidan Williamson lay basking in a dream, the kind of fantasy he used to have, back when he was a boy just discovering the pubic nest, the fledgling cock, the joy of release.

He was flying, he was soaring, higher and higher. Some ache far inside his ass was propelling him upward, to the sun, dick first…

Except this time the dream was real. Logan curled next to him, a careless leg hitched over his own spent body, warm breath fanning his cheek.

Aidan’s cock grow heavy again with remembered passion.

Dark. The room was pitch-dark, so Aidan took his time seeing. He slowly forced his eyes and his gut and soul to reveal this fugitive fantasy in his arms—this man who’d chosen him as a lover.

Really, we chose each other.

Not even a month ago, at the base camp below Devil’s Point, he’d found a quiet man with tormented eyes and the soul-wrenching speech of an ancient Highlander. Some sixth sense told  him this caretaker would demand honesty. And so from the moment they met, Aidan had spilled his truths. Maybe not all at once…not yet…. But Kenneth Logan deserved the real Aidan Williamson. Every wart, every flaw, every shattered dream, and especially the secret locked in his scarred heart.

No buggering soul outside of Police Scotland knew he was a rookie, a new undercover detective. His new name was “Will Smith,” a warping of his father’s name twisted around his own delight in the American actor, and his attraction to any kind of mystery. His uniform at first was just a pair of torn jeans and worn hiking boots. But within an hour of meeting Logan, he’d spilled damn near all of it to the Goliath of a man who somehow needed blunt honesty as much as he needed the stone tent he took care of and—more and more rarely—slept in.

Blunt. Yes, that would describe Logan, a man whose name in the old Scots language meant “deep, rough hollow.” But he was more, much more.

Compassionate. Thoughtful. Warm and humorous, irreverent, self-effacing. Smart as the sting of a whip.

AU with hearts promo

At the risk of waking him, Aidan barely touched Logan, letting his fingertips cascade in a spate of discovery, from the hollow of his throat , over the mounds of his breasts, into the valley of his groin. He heard the hitch of a sigh before the hum of his lover’s regular breathing returned. He felt the velvet-over-steel of his skin, smelled the musk of his armpits, almost saw the dark brooding eyes fixed on his own…and the Nessie of his cock rising from the deep loch.

Aidan sighed. Daylight was only a few hours away. Logan would need to leave, back to the demon’s penis he called home, while his cop of a lover was forced to stay within minutes of responding to a PS call that might never come…


If you’d like to purchase this box set, here are the links with the cover:

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Kindle US https://amzn.to/2WLjYTR

Smashwords https://bit.ly/2Zlgj0A




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