Stag Heart: lyric and erotic

“Historical, intellectual and deeply passionate in scope…”

I don’t make a habit of re-printing reviews of my own titles. In this case, I’m moved to do it because I think Stag Heart is one of those rare pieces of my writing in which the lyric and the erotic vie for dominance. One person was moved to write about it, and so I present part of a review by a man I know only as “Bo,” who posts his opinions on Goodreads and Amazon.

He probably will never see this article, but I thank him with a full heart.


 Bo says that Stag Heart is “a tale that’s an intricately–but delicately–woven exposition of scholarship and military training punctuated by a romance so sweetly developed … as real as if it were happening today.”

sh two men promo 2
The image on the top left (“Yoga Man”) was created by Michael O. Snyder, a photographer and filmmaker based in Washington, D.C. He’s the founder and director of Interdependent Pictures, a media production company for social good organizations.

“What is exceptional in this book is that as sometimes violent and wildly sexual each of the other Iron Warrior books were, this one is almost peaceful (but not without treachery) and deeply spiritual in its carnal development until late in the book. That is as it should be in a novel which is historical, intellectual and deeply passionate in scope…”


“Erin O’Quinn’s works are not to be rushed through. That’s because her language is so rich, and her intent to enwrap the reader in the arms of her strong–and at the same time gentle–men, is so overwhelming that you savor the words.”

Here’s one of the promos  I ran…carefully…in Facebook, and only with a limited audience because of the content.

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gay~romance~erotic content~action-adventure~humor~ancient Ireland

It’s all here at QRI: links, reviews, #explicit #excerpt, more: 

SH iron copy


Kindle US

Kindle UK

SeaToSky  (pdf or epub)

Smashwords (ep

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