Review: Diego’s Secret by Bryan T. Clark

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flourish purp my changeHere lies a treasure, a perfect little nugget of a story that took me through a gamut of emotions. I smiled. I laughed outright. I squirmed with angst. And finally I cried a few tears of joy. [I’ll admit this here on my blog and nowhere else: I actually bawled like a baby at the end. Bryan has a way of strumming a reader’s emotions like a well tuned harp.]

DIEGO’S SECRET is the tale of two men whose private worlds should never have intersected. Winston is a widower, a very rich man whose husband has died and who has buried himself in the fancy sepulcher of his grand estate. He’s suffused with grief and guilt both, with no idea how to find himself—his ego, his very soul—after a ten-year marriage to one who’d been emotionally slipping away from him, one who’s finally gone forever.

Diego is a young undocumented Mexican whose life revolves around his two brothers in a tiny shared apartment. He has never accepted his gayness, and of course has never revealed it to anyone at all. Tradition and family: those are the two constants of his life. He’s a talented landscape artist who has established his own modest company and who dreams of going to college. Any sexual escape has taken the form of tortured daydreams and ten-minute encounters. Winston is no more than an absentee client.

Two angels meet, of course, in a garden of Eden. I write that with a smile. The slow tango between these two is silly, it’s giddy, it’s real, it’s an emotional roller-coaster. But somehow it works. It clutches the heart. It makes us realize that something as corny as “true love” is possible in this often mean world.

Author Bryan T. Clark has crafted a love story that honestly shines with real human beings. They’re flawed and outright lovable. What happens between them is a novel you have to read for the subtle, funny, tension-filled, tender love story.

Gentle, comical, tender and real—don’t miss Diego’s Secret!


5 purp stars

A five star read!



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