Review: Raveneye by Suzana Wylie


Enchanting, funny, poetic, and downright sexy


Think Carlos Castenada (remember Don Juan Matus and his peyote dreams?)…mixed with robust sex and pulse-quickening intrigue.

This powerful novel is at once a love story, a thriller, and a long, glittering look into the mystic realms of the human mind and soul.

To open the first chapter of RAVENEYE is to open oneself to a world both mundane and magic. We meet Teo—short for Matteo—a Latino-Navajo man who runs a healing spa in the Arizona desert; and we smile with Edie…once upon a time called Ed…a brash and funny transgender on her way to full womanhood, but with the equipment to tempt a gay man to do very naughty things.

Teo is a gay who practices the art of massage/spiritual awakening. And he never, ever mixes his sex drive with his job. He can be hot-headed, he can be outright sexy, or he can slip into a peyote-induced dream state where his reticent nature embraces a pure spirituality.

Enter Dusan, a man who is both an assassin and an immortal. He’s a Russian mercenary and hitman who kills not for pleasure, and not even for money, but for a kind of moral cause perhaps only he can truly understand. Although straight, he’s had men, but only when being gay will bring the results he’s after.

Add to the mix Raveneye, Teo’s spiritual bird-guide; and a Russian agent named Todor who has compelling reasons for his dogged pursuit of Dusan.

The heat Dusan stirs up is fanned into a bonfire very quickly, as he and Teo take each other’s measure. What happens when two sensuous, explosive men clash with their minds…while lusting with their eager bodies? And when all of these characters converge in a vortex of danger and intrigue?


Novelist Suzana Wylie explores the interaction of some of the most complex and riveting characters I’ve ever met in the pages of a novel.

The prose is enchanting, funny, poetic, and downright sexy. The action is heart-pounding. The spiritual levels will make you suck in your breath with wonder. And the sex is astonishing in its depth and believability.

Five glittering stars for the work which has become my favorite gay paranormal title… 

raveneye full

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Enchanting, funny, poetic, and downright sexy

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