Review: Sex Ray Specs by Sessha Batto


If you’ve read my blog article on Sessha Batto, you know she’s a self-described sword-carrying Buddhist who writes transgressive homoerotica. I’ve aways been deeply stirred by what she writes, and her collection of shorts called Sex Ray Specs is no exception. I posted this review some time back, and it deserves pride of place near her interview (see Pages section).

Sessha Batto writes like no other. She weaves tales of Eros, often dark and twisted, yet the fabric is always unique and absolutely scintillating.

Her homoerotic stories span centuries and cultures, and they always leave me gasping, mesmerized, pulled into the riptide of emotion and sensual response. You have to read each gem in this collection to appreciate how one writer can explore the spectrum of the human sexual psyche.

Adjectives come easily, yet no one word can fully describe how a transgressive writer pulls at the deepest threads that hold our secret sexual cravings together. Sessha is an Arachne, masterful weaver of words. Spider Woman, a writer whose time and fame will come.

5 purp stars A five-star read




cernunnos silo

Apart from the published review, I’m singling out a striking piece in this collection called “Amadan na Briana.” Those familiar with the Celtic tradition will recognize one of the manifestations of Cernunnos, the horned god. But this antlered creature is no god…or is he? What happens to his captive, the narrator, to make him change from impatience to incredulity, to anger, anguish—and then to acceptance, even desperate need and greed?

The sensual impact of  this short story is deep and unforgettable. And it’s only one of several flay-your-skin sexual adventures Sessha Batto tells in Sex Ray Specs.