Reviews: The Ancient | Heart’s Embers by Kathy Griffith


the ancient

Five stars! A rush of blood, to all the right places! Kathy Griffith’s The Ancient is a mesmerizing journey into the realm of vampire and human interface. The story is complex, yet it unravels with grace and with a kind of sexy inevitability that held me spellbound.


You will meet Alasdair, the Ancient, the nightwalker. And you will not forget those whose lives he touches, almost as memorable and just as nicely crafted: the lovers Jeffrey and Bruce, the special friend Edgar, the curiously vulnerable and sympathetic Jules.


The story is intricate and well woven, leading to a climax and dénouement that I will not spoil, but I will say that I look forward to another journey into Griffith’s remarkable universe.


A well-crafted tale of vampire and human lust, longing, and love. And after you’ve read it, grab the sequel, Heart’s Embers. 

flourish tree

heart's embers

Well, Kathy Griffith’s done it again—made me fall even deeper in love with an ancient vampire who favors a kilt, and two young men who passionately love each other.


The characters Bruce and Jeffrey are not cardboard cutouts. They have a past…they are complex…they are the kinds of men you want to bring home to mom… they are flawed and splendid. They are lovable, endearing and enduring.


Alasdair the ancient Scottish vampire is the kind of well-conceived, rich character who should (and I hope will) live on in many books to come, in as many ages as Griffith can stretch her prodigious imagination to place him.


Beyond great characterization, Heart’s Embers has an element of mystery and heart-stopping suspense—the same facets that made its predecessor The Ancent a memorable read.


I give this remarkable book five stars for its story arc, its characters, and its bone-rattling action. More, please!


flourish fragBe sure to read Erin O’Quinn’s interview with Kathy Griffith on this blog,  to be published Saturday, July 14.

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The Ancient 

Heart’s Embers

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