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Using the pen name Erin O’Quinn, I have published eleven novels and two short stories in the male/male romance genre. The gay historicals are in the series called The Iron Warrior:

WARRIOR, RIDE HARD . . . A scorching MM set in the days of St. Patrick’s Ireland. Meet three men, ten years apart in their stories, full of raw, lusty intent yet hardly immune to love. Top reviews by professionals and everyday readers alike.
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WARRIOR, STAND TALL . . . For two passionate warriors, where does lust end and love begin? The erotic adventures of two fifth-century warriors continues, with one hiding his shame and the other hiding his jealousies and superstitions. Which one will “stand tall” and face the truth?

Last year, I signed contracts with Amber Allure, the MM wing of Amber Quill Press, for two different contemporary Manlove novels. The first, published November 25, is set in a fictitous small town and is titled Noble, Nevada. The second in the series, titled The Chase, contains different characters in the same fictitious Nevada locale and was released January 26. In this modern setting, my characters ride Silverados and Dodge pickups instead of stallions and mountain ponies. But the human emotions remain the same–sensitive, alive, passionate.

NOBLE, NEVADA . . . Imagine a small plastic Motorola radio on the kitchen counter playing soulful Willie Nelson songs . . . a cheap dimestore lamp covered with one of Rick’s cowboy shirts, giving off a subtle pattern in the resulting low light . . . a sway-backed bed with a thin plywood headboard . . .In this ten-dollar-a-night setting, two young men come together.

And whoa, buddy, do they come together! NOBLE, NEVADA explores the passions of two young men in a fictional “hick town” in contemporary Nevada, but the book tells of much more than exuberant sex. I have tried to come to terms with the search for a loving father figure, the loss of elusive happiness, and the final chance at redemption and love.

THE CHASE . . . Start with a smartass gay man named Brew Lloyd, back home in the hick town of Noble, Nevada for a few weeks. Add a shy man two years older named Chase Grayson, unsure of his sexuality and buried in work on his dad’s ranch 15 miles from town.

Now throw these guys together. Make the rookie Brew get his hands dirty putting up fences and cleaning cattle tanks, while Chase, working alongside him, tries to hide the growing timber in his denims. THE CHASE is an exploration of the sexual coming-of-age of one man and the other man’s seeking of a father’s acceptance. It’s an adventure, a mystery, and a very erotic trip to the “new old west” of Nevada.

Starting May 4, I am pleased to announce Amber Allure’s release of  a series, The Gaslight Mysteries: Two unlikely lovers investigate some private affairs—yet none so private as their own.

HEART TO HART . . .  The Gaslight Mysteries 1 Tells the tale of a boisterous, horny, roustabout Irishman named Michael McCree and the man he stalks—an uptight, surly and private man named Simon Hart. The stalking is for Simon’s own good, because Michael has decided to become his flatmate, his partner and his lover—in any order that is convenient.

The men’s profession is a private investigation agency. But Simon spends more time ducking Michael’s advances than actually finding clues and solving the mysteries that arise. Inquiring minds want to know:  How hard is Simon really trying to avoid Michael? And Michael isn’t hiding his forthright urges—but what secret is he hiding?

SPARRING WITH SHADOWS . . . The Gaslight Mysteries 2 is a continuation of the first mystery, although a complete book in itself. Of course, don’t read them out of order, or you’ll discover the murderer right away!

In this novel, two men are sparring with shadows too dangerous to ignore . . . and too private to talk about. SWS may introduce the first “gay bar” in the history of Ireland. At least, I’ve never heard of one back in 1923. Call it poetic license at work!

TO THE BONE The Gaslight Mysteries 3 brings in a new character, a pesky agent who seems to dig in like a tick. Moshe doesn’t ever seem to give Michael and Simon the privacy they need to explore their ever-evolving relationship. And yet he, too, has a few secrets he keeps close to the bone …


I have just published three gay romance/adventures with hard-driving  author Nya Rawlyns in The Wilderness Trails series:

Bighorn: A TRR Top Pick & an ARe Bestseller




Night Hunters: an ARe bestseller




Mustang: A TRR Top Pick & an ARe bestseller




And my first self-pubbed novel has just debuted, already an All Romance Bestseller.  ARe badge

NEVADA HIGHLANDER … The tale of a larger-than-life Scot, castle laird Rory Drummond; and Alex, the Nevada State Trooper who has been selected to “tail” him on a big-game hunt.


I earned a BA (English) and MA (Comparative Literature) from the University of Southern California. My life has been a pastiche of fascinating vocations–newspaper marketing manager, university teacher, car salesperson, landscape gardener–until now, in relative retirement, I write as I look upon the drought-starved landscape of central Texas.

You will find my general Gaelic-themed blog at

My main “manlove” blog, the step-daddy of the present one, is

One of my newest blogs is MM: The Gaslight Mysteries, based on the series starring those two vintage PIs in a fantasy city in 1923 Ireland. You’ll find it here:

And you are currently looking at my newest blog, stepchild of The Man in Romance, designed to spotlight authors of gay lit. In that sense, you are right here:

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